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Java is a highly popular programming language that involves various Syn-taxes from C++ and C language. But it is a simpler version then these two other complicated programming languages. It is object model and low-level facilities for the users making it simpler and easier to use and understand. Java Application Programming was designed by someone called James Gosling in 1995, in a current date subsidiary of Oracle Businesses, which was subsequently called as sunlight Micro-systems. JVM or Java Virtual Machines are necessary to run these java programs that are compiled to class file format. No matter the computer structure JVM is obviously needed to conduct this sort of files. Java Application Programming is especially designed to have the smallest quantity of implementation bottlenecks.

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It works on the principle of write once, run anywhere pattern. It means once your do my coding of this application; you can use it on other destination also. You do not need to write it and gain every time. Java is not a programming language but also a software platform, allowing the program developers to use this easier, class based and object-oriented programming language rather than the complex high level languages such as C and C++But the major Disadvantage of using Java Application Programming is that, the programs written in Java are slower and require more memory space to receive stored then the apps written in C language. For the concern, the Sun Micro-systems have been working on coffee technologies under the specifications of the Java community process.

And have achieved remarkable success in the context of introducing in time compilation version to run these programs in the year 1997-98. Some new language features are added to the language such as inner classes, optional assertions and String-buffer course etc Java has compilers in it, which run the basic functions whenever an application programmer writes a code with Syn-taxes and personalities to run a specific Java Application Programming code. For faster speed a Business names Systronix has developed a micro-controller named stick based on a line of coffee processors. A normal edition for Java Application Programming language has various elements. It utilizes multi-tier structure for database connectivity. It utilizes ML files to store data and composing codes. JDOM is used for outputting XML data from Java code.