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Parents, Teachers, and Hitty Lovers

The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society presents HITTY PREBLE, a new way to relive the legend that is Hitty!

Hitty's Home is a project of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to the collection, preservation, presentation, and study of the history of Great Cranberry Island, Maine, and of the other Cranberry Isles.

Our purpose in creating the Hitty Preble web site and doll is to inform and educate the general public, especially children, of the rich history of these islands, and the strong and lasting ties they held on author Rachel Field.

We also believe we have something to offer the many Hitty admirers who always want to learn more about their favorite little friend.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site, and if you visit Maine, we cordially invite you to see our Historical Museum, and the other sights on Great Cranberry Island -- where we like to think Hitty was born and raised.

Great Cranberry Island Historical Society

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Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
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