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Hitty Preble
Readers often want their own Hitty.  They can buy a finished Hitty, a kit, or they can carve her from scratch.  However, these options are rather expensive, or require some woodworking skill.

Our new Hitty Preble eliminates those drawbacks.

Hitty Preble is a 6½-inch tall flat wooden version of the fabulous Hitty.  Think of Hitty Preble as a wooden "paper doll."  She comes completely assembled and ready-to-play.

She is inexpensive enough to be suitable for rough play by young children, and for mailing around the world without fear of great loss.

Hitty Preble comes in a special package with three paper outfits that you can cut out and dress her in, plus you can print out more free outfits from this site.

Best of all, every Hitty Preble is made by a Maine craftsman, and has really slept overnight in the actual Preble house on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, just as original Hitty did, in the story, all those long years ago!

Hitty Preble