The Preble house home

The Preble house on Great Cranberry Island, Maine (1998)

The small structure on the left is actually detached from the house.  It was the Post Office when William Preble was Postmaster, for 23 years, between 1847 and 1897.

An aerial view of the Preble house

"It was still February and the sun sank behind the spruce-covered hills
across the road far too early to please Phoebe Preble."
In this closeup of the Preble house, you can see:

- Preble Cove (the water at the top)
- the Preble house
- tall spruce tree beside the house
- large lilac bush in front of the house
- the road (paved now)
- just the tops of the spruces across the road
   (but the sun does not set behind them)

aerial photo
courtesy of
M. Macfarlan

The path through the lilacs to the front door

"Then, suddenly, one day there were buds on the lilac bushes by the Preble door..."

"He [Pheobe's father] strode up the path between the lilac bushes
without any warning..."

"...the lilacs were almost always sure to be out in deep purple spikes
of bloom on either side of the front door."

"The Crow had carried me to the very ancestral pine [actually a spruce]
that grew beside the Preble house."

"...leaving the square white Preble house, the red barn [no longer there],
and the ancestral pine behind us."

Another view of the Preble house.

The Preble house now has a different owner.
It is no longer owned by a Preble.
Where Hitty was born