Sammy Sanford home

Samuel Clark "Sammy" Sanford (1852-1933) by Preble Cove

Grandson of Captain Samuel Hadlock Jr., Sammy Sanford lived in a tiny one-room cabin near Preble Cove on Great Cranberry Island.  He made a living by growing and selling vegetables in summer, and cutting and selling ice in winter.

He met Rachel Field one day when she was picking raspberries near his cabin.  The unexpected appearance of the old man startled her, but he told her, "Don't be afraid; you're as safe with me as if you was in God's pocket."  This expression struck Rachel.

She and Sammy soon became friends, and she often came to Great Cranberry Island to visit him.  Sammy told her about his grandfather's interesting life as seaman, trapper, and showman.

He showed her his grandfather's house, which had passed to the Prebles when Sammy himself was a boy.  But the house was deserted by the time Rachel saw it, and Sammy grew vegetables there in the adjacent field.

When Sammy gave Rachel his grandfather's daybook, with notes of his voyages and European tours, she found ample material for a novel, which she eventually called God's Pocket, in remembrance of their first meeting.

Sammy's cabin on Preble Cove (1999)

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